Tucson Training Camp

This March I joined Heather and Wattie at their home away from home in Tucson AZ. Without any snow in Boulder to do some skate skiing/cross training I was happy to spend some time in the warmth and get some one on one with Heather before the season 2018 started.


Heather and I were in a "General Prep" phase of our training, which is when we build a foundation of fitness for the coming season. I arrived in Tucson Monday morning with a hard week of training ahead of us. Here's a glimpse into our week:


90min Aerobic/Strength Swim

Main set:

4x300 paddles pull on 4:00, 4x100 race pace on 1:20

3x300 paddles pull on 3:55, 4x75 race pace on 1:00

2x300 paddles pull on 3:50, 4x50 race pace on :45

1x300 paddles pull 3:45, 4x25 fast on :30

Easy 35min run

75min Recovery Ride with high cadence work (Finished ride at 'Hop Shop' for a local brew!)

Tuesday: ("Terrible Tuesday")

4 hour ride with 50min, 40min, 30min at Ironman effort. 10min easy spinning between.

75min run with 45min at Ironman effort



75min Race Pace Swim

Main set:

5x(250 race start simulation (Heather started on my feet) on 3:00, 100 easy on 2min)

2x(8x50 descend pace 1-4,5-8) on :50

45min Strength session in gym

30min Easy Run



90min Aerobic/Strength Swim

Main set:

Aerobic pyramid (all on 1:20 per 100 base)

6x100, 4x150, 2x300, 1x600, 3x200, 8x75

4 hour ride with 6x10min Strength Endurance (50-60RPM) Ironman - 70.3 effort



Test swim:

400 Time Trial

200 Time Trial

VO2 Running Session

10x2min at 2-3mile race pace, alternating 60seconds/30second recovery


5 hour Aerobic ride

30min Aerobic run off



2 hour hilly Aerobic run

45min Recovery Swim

It was a great week of training but more importantly I got to spend some face to face time with my athlete. Recovering between sessions was the key to getting through the week. We are both lucky enough to be supported by Masimo. We were both diligent in using the MightySat to monitor our recovery status morning and night and between sessions to be sure we weren't overdoing it!

Joe Gambles